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It’s nice being home! I drove the brothers back to the CV (read: Central Valley) after gallivanting around the Bay for a few days. We returned to massive amounts of home cookin’ courtesy of Mom. It’s pretty much enough food for the entire weekend. We attacked the munggo, pindang, and tilapia first. Expected weight gain by Sunday: 13 lbs.

munggo beans and pindang

I forgot to take a picture of my own plate so I had to make the oldest pause for a second while I snapped a shot of his plate. Munggo is basically a saute of garlic, onions, shrimp, pork, fermented shrimp paste, tomatoes, spinach (or any other leafy green), and the star of the show: green mung beans. Saute the whole shebang and add extra water to make it nice and soupy. Best served with something salty as compliment. We had pindang (thinly sliced pan fried beef) and fried tilapia. For my fellow Pilipinos in the house, we call “tapa” pindang at our house. Must be some weird regional thing. Thanks, Dad. More to come on this weekend’s eats…



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April 6, 2007 at 7:44 pm

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