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I’ve wanted to do a post like this ever since I came across a Soompi thread on people’s favorite Pocky flavors. Who knew there were so many kinds! I ransacked the nearest Ranch 99 and grabbed one of each flavor they had: strawberry, almond, men’s (weird!), green tea, and super strawberry (no clue what the real name is, but it’s strawberry with strawberry chunks). I brought the entire haul to work and had everyone pick their fave. The runaway winner was the almond Pocky – milk chocolate with bits of almonds.

pocky boxes

Theeen on another side trip to the Korean market to pick up some banchen (more on that in another post), I found MORE Pocky: black sesame and winter chocolate. Check out my Pocky art:

pocky art

OG Strawberry: Exactly the same as it was when you were 7. Yum.

Super Strawberry: Has little flavor bits of strawberry. Kinda like strawberry Pocky that’s been dragged through Quik strawberry milk powder.

Almond: chocolate + almonds + more chocolate

Green Tea: Tastes like straight up green tea in creme form.

Black Sesame: Less sweet, almost salty, not a fan.

Winter Chocolate: Has a slight layer of cocoa powder on the outside, really strong tasting but not in a good way.

Men’s: This gets the prize for best name. It’s bittersweet chocolate on a biscuit that’s slightly crispier.

I also bought a box of this banana custard thing which was basically reverse Pocky – creme on the inside, biscuit on the outside. The creme was straight up solid with a very, very fakey fake banana taste. Also, not a fan. I also heard rumblings of grape Pocky… intriguing.


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April 22, 2007 at 9:54 pm

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