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One of the things I was most looking forward to was all of the gelato in Italy. The gelato place in MV is pretty darn good (my personal fave is coppamista), but I knew Italy would have hundreds of flavors of the real deal. As soon as a I scarfed down my first plate of pasta, I headed over to the nearest gelateria and ordered me one of these beauties:

gelato 1

So I got totally ripped off on this one. I think it cost me like 4 or 6 Euros. Anyway, it was pretty tasty. Can you guess the flavor? It’s torrinina (sp?) some sort of Florence specialty (or so the gelato guy says). I tried to look up some info about it but no luck. I *think* it’s a vanilla base with chocolate, chocolate chunks, and some chocolate covered nuts. There’s also this kind of liqueur type flavor mixed in.

We read up a lot on gelato and it says that one of the ways to see if the gelato is good at a gelateria is to peek at their banana flavor. If it’s gray, then they use fresh banana. If it’s yellow, they use artificial banana flavor. We had to try about 3 gelaterias before we hit one with gray bananas. This one was down the ways from the Duomo in Florence.

gelato 2

Banana on one side and pistachio on the other. This was a more reasonable 2 Euros. Solid. The train whisked us off to Rome where I had the worst gelato of the trip just outside the Colosseum. I should have known judging by the ridiculous color.

gelato 3

Strawberry. Fragola if you are being Italian. It was so, so sweet. I couldn’t even finish it AND she didn’t push it down into the cone. Psh. At this point, Rome was not delivering. Theeen after a trip to Vatican City and St. Peter’s we hopped across the street to grab gelato to enjoy on our walk back to the Metro. This was the best gelato of the entire trip. Creamy, sweet but not too sweet, fresh fruit pieces, distinct flavors, refreshing, and so so so so good.

gelato 4

Lemon on one side, peach on the other. Gelato heaven all around.


Written by joann

May 29, 2007 at 6:41 pm

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