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The view from Cinque Terre can’t be beat. We read that the 4 hour trek is much tougher at the end of the journey. We figured it would be best to start at the end, in Monterosso, so we’d be in top form during the hardest part of the hike. By the time we got to Vernazza (city number two on our hike) we were sweating like pigs and grimy from the dust on the trail. We were in need of a break so we took a breather at the little port and I grabbed a lemon granita. So refreshing after the steep climb from Monterosso.


The best quote from the hike is from Jane. This is right smack dab in the middle of the hike as we’re climbing over rocks and going up endless steps.

Jane: You know what we should do?

Me: What? (in my mind I’m thinking ‘take a break…’ ‘get more water…’)

Jane: Recite Salt ‘N Pepa lyrics.

Me: Um. What?

She was specifically thinking of the classic ‘Shoop.’ Anyway, I opted not to go down the Salt ‘N Pepa lyrics route. We ended our hike at Via dell’Amore which is actually really not romantic. It’s mostly full of graffiti and involves a long, kinda creepy tunnel. After one train ride, one sad attempt at finding the bus stop, and one taxi trip later, we made it back to Vezzano Basso stinky, sweaty, and hungry. We could have opted for the fixed menu that night at the hotel restaurant, but were too pooped out to have a sit down dinner. We opted to raid the tabbachi shop for snacks and make a quick run to the pizzeria. (Which PS had the nicest people ever.) Without delay I present to you my post-hike dinner:


Alrighty, what have we got here. We have a porcini mushroom pizza, some orange water, a bag of Movida chips that are supposed to be hot but are really not spicy at all, and a Hungry Hippo for dessert. (More on Hungry Hippo in another post.) Looks weird, tastes great.

And now for a special bonus, beautiful Monterosso:


If you ever decide to do the hike: bring sunscreen, wear a hat, wear comfy shoes, bring plenty of water, and practice your grazie’s, merci’s, and danke’s – you’ll be squeezing passed lots of other tourists during the trail.


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May 30, 2007 at 7:47 pm

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