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We thought the hotel we booked for Cinque Terre was in La Spezia near the train station. Instead, it was a 25 minute taxi drive up the mountain in the small village of Vezzano Basso. At first we weren’t so happy about the inconvenient location of our hotel, but had a complete change of heart as soon as we arrived. The view on your way up to Vezzano Basso is beautiful. The hotel was quiet, clean, spacious, and nicely decorated. The town itself was tiny but in that heck-yah-now-this-is-Italy kind of way.

When we arrived, the front desk guy (who was totally channeling Nathan Lane) asked if he could get us a reservation at the restaurant downstairs. We asked what other there were in town. His answer:

  1. the place downstairs
  2. the pizzeria down the street

Well, then the place downstairs it is. We totally got lucky on this one.

The place had 10 tables inside. I’m sure there was a patio portion, but I never saw it. I ordered the ravioli with ragu sauce (bc I saw another lady in the restaurant eating it), but the were out. Instead, I got the spaghetti alla scarpara which was a simple spaghetti dish with olive oil, tomatoes, parsley, and garlic. It was the tastiest pasta dish I had in Italy. Fresh and simple with perfectly cooked pasta (al dente anyone?).


The meal of the day went to Lizzie. She ordered testaroli which ended up being these pancake like things each with a different topping – ragu, cheese, and pesto. See the Italian flag?


We also had some grilled veggies (zucchini, tomatoes, and eggplant) drizzled with olive oil and Jane had a big chunk of swordfish as a second course. We had champagne with our meal (always a fan) and one of the waiters topped us off with complimentary limoncello shots. Coincidentally, that was on my personal list of things to taste while in Italy.

picture credit: miss lizzie



Written by joann

May 30, 2007 at 7:42 pm

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