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After 16 days of travelling, we wanted to make sure that our last dinner together was a good one. We whipped out the Top 10 Athens guidebooks for the best eats in the Kolanaki district of Athens which was just a few minutes walk from our hotel. The winner was Prytoeria (yah I totally spelled that wrong) on very trendy Milioni Street. The entire street is packed with people at tables eating dinner, smoking cigars, people watching, or sipping coffee. We got a table on the second floor of the restaurant and had the entire place to ourselves. Our waiter was a dead ringer for Mel Gibson (minus current troubles/personal issues :P).

Okay, I don’t usually take pictures of the bread they set out but this was actually a big deal. The bread in Paris was sad. What happened to those tasty baguettes? Goodness knows I didn’t get one. The bread in Italy was also not good. What’s lamer is that they make you PAY for the bread via a cover charge. The bread in Greece was usually not fancy but it was at least soft and fresh. The bread at Prytoeira was exceptional – crusty and warm with a selection of white and wheat plus breadsticks that were just a tad sweet and had all kinds of stuff on them. No butter but plenty of olives with sundried tomatoes in olive oil. They totally deserved getting their picture taken.


So we actually tried to cancel this salad after Jane ordered but the waiter must have gotten confused. I’m glad we got it. It had lettuce, celery, apples, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, and pomegranate seeds with a yogurt dressing. If you can’t tell, the bowl is made out of parmesan cheese.


We had no idea the servings would be so huge so we also ordered peppered mussels as an appetizer. Lizzie is not usually a fan of mussels but even she enjoyed this dish. Heavily peppered for sure and lying on a bed of french bread to sop up the mussel juices.


And now for the main course! I ordered the grilled tuna but they were out. Instead, I opted for the seafood risotto. I was hoping for fish and maybe some squid but it was all shellfish – clams, mussels, and shrimp. Truthfully, I’m not usually a huge risotto fan but man this one was delicious. Cheesy with fresh tomatoes and perfectly cooked risotto. I wasn’t a huge fan of the clams – still kind of sandy, but the mussels and the shrimp did not disappoint.


Jane had the risotto too but both Jen and Lizzie were shocked at the hugeness of their plates. (This after their salad came with about half a pound of shaved parmesan cheese on top.) Here’s the black squid ink pasta with shrimp that Lizzie had to contend with.


We had a light white wine (a pinot grigio) with our meal and the waiter came by with complimentary muscato to finish things off. We had 2 shots each of the syrupy, sweet wine before heading back to Plaka for dessert. It was kinda strange that our last meal in Greece was an Italian one. In any case, it was a good one. If you decide to visit Prytoeria be ready to shell out the Euros, the helpings are generous but the price can get pretty step.


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May 31, 2007 at 8:10 pm

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