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There must be a dozen Nikolas Tavernas in Santorini. Everyone’s name is Nikolas and they all like opening tavernas (and jewelry shops). We followed the guidebook and made our way to Fira to check THE Nikolas Taverna out. If the previous post was a +5 for the guidebook, this one was a -3 for the guidebook. It’s pretty easy to get to this place, it’s on the little windy streets in Fira covered with souvenir shops and honeymooning tourists.

The place is packed (probably due to the guidebook since the surrounding restaurants looked less poppin’) and the entire menu is in Greek. They don’t have a menu you can hold – it’s just posted above the door to the kitchen. One thing that is a plus about this place is the ‘experience.’ It’s run by a pair of older, grumpy Greek men who will recite the menu to you (looking fairly bored) and the delivery makes you feel like you’re really lucky to be allowed to eat there. Funniness that ensued while we where here:

  • They said we looked young. Really young. Like 12. They were unsure of whether or not they should serve us the vino.
  • They weren’t sure we spoke English. They asked Lizzie just to make sure.

So you think that when you get to a place like this (think: Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) the food is going to be off the hook. Well, it was not. The meal started off ok with super garlic tzatziki that really knocked the breath out of you. I liked it, I think it was way too garlicky for everyone else.


I ordered the grilled calamari which was sad looking right as it arrived. The green beans tasted like they were from can and had a weak tomato sauce on top. The same tomato sauce was poured halfheartedly onto the rice – Uncle Ben’s style. The calamari was grilled, sliced, and sprinkled with oregano. There were some fried potatoes in there half drenched in the tomato sauce and half seasoned with oregano. Pretty disappointing overall and definitely not worth the funny questioning pre-meal.


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July 1, 2007 at 2:30 pm

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