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A few weeks ago I headed to Vegas to celebrate the birthday of a fabulous friend. Dragging Lizzie and Bcam along meant for sure good eats. For our first night we hit Tao for dinner – partly to taste the food, mostly to get into the club afterwards.

Since we weren’t particularly hungry we ordered a few small things to share.


#1 (in the foreground): fried tuna rolls

These were super good. It was tuna (with some spice) rolled, coated, fried and topped with bits of nori and sesame seeds. They were nestled (that’s right, NESTLED) in a bed of soy beans with black and white sesame seeds. A little sauce of wasabi is off to the left.

#2 (in the back, closest to Lizzie): veggie spring rolls

I found these to be a little too oily for my liking. They have your requisite veggies mixed inside spring rool wrappers and then wrapped up. Would not order again.

#3 (in the bamboo steamer): pork dumplings

The taste of these was ok but I wasn’t a fan of the texture. Too solid – like eating a giant heavy meatball in gummy rice wrapper. I like dumplings that are a little lighter (and more interesting) in texture.

We each had 2 rounds of drinks which were really good. I had something I couldn’t pronounce with a lot of watermelon involved (<3 watermelon). My second drink was less good – a Nirvana. Creamy with a taste of raspberry. Most of the drinks on the menu have a nice exotic-fruit spin on them which is nice.

We finished off dinner with little donuts served with a yuzu sauce. They were served in tiny little Chinese to-go boxes. Ambiance-wise Tao is pretty nice (save for the strange dude that was turning around to catch a glimpse of Bcam every 20 seconds). I also didn’t particularly like the giant pictures of Asian people they have on the walls. We’re talking a collage of giant 10 ft tall National Geographic style photos. Is that really necessary? BTW, we still had to use our passes to get into the club for free (hmph). They have ladies in rose petals taking baths outside and the inside is painfully, painfully cramped with party-goers.

Total cost of dinner + drinks: approx $170


Written by joann

July 29, 2007 at 3:53 pm

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