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I’m a big snacker. Here’s a gallery of snacks I picked up during my Europe travels.

#1: pure pomelo and blood red orange juice – In Italy near the Trevi Fountain. Very tart, no sugar added.


#2: oregano flavored potato chips – Athens Airport. Tastes like you think it would taste like.


#3: citrus shortbread cookies and sour candies – Shortbreads are complimentary on first class Italian trains. Guess what? They contain trans fats! I think I only ate one of ’em. The sour candies are from the Tabacchi in Vezzano Basso. They are in the shape of little pacifiers.


#4: olive flavored crackers – From the bus station in Florence. A nice snack with a light olive-y taste.


#5: french fry snacks – From a vending machine in Paris. Tastes like straight up oil.


#6: candy hippo – From the Tabbachi in Vezzano Basso again. Crispy hippo shaped wafer. Filled with chocolate and hazelnut cream, hazelnut pieces on the underside. Really, really sweet.



Written by joann

July 30, 2007 at 9:12 pm

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