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Lizzie stayed to watch soccer but JenLui, Jane, and I headed over to Fira to grab dinner. We decided on Parea Taverna that had some fresh octopus dangling from the balcony. Winner for sure.

Lui had missed our first dinner in Santorini where we had these huge rings of meaty calamari and wanted to get in on the squid action. We’re pretty sure she said fried calamari but what came to the table was certainly NOT fried calamari.


Apparently, fried calamari sounds like taramosalata. For you Greek challenged, that’s fish roe paste. I thought the version we had was yogurt based but the recipes I found online have soaked bread as the main ingredient. This was a pleasant surprise – creamy, fishy but in a good way, and really delicious with crusty bread. Give it a try next time it’s on the menu.

I couldn’t leave Greece without slouvaki (I ended up having it twice – shrimp and chicken). Here’s the first round (chicken) served with fries, pita quarters, and mustard sauce. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Greek meal without a lemon wedge and liberal douse of oregano.



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August 2, 2007 at 9:01 pm

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