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What a mouthful.

I stumbled across the CupcakeBlog a few weeks ago. The recipes are really inventive but not for the kitchen novice. For my first attempt, I opted for her recipe for blueberry & raspberry almond ricotta cupcakes. I altered the recipe slightly – halving the almonds since I didn’t want the texture to be too grainy and using strawberries instead of raspberries. I also used the cream cheese frosting recipe I posted a few weeks back rather than hers since it yielded a little more frosting than I wanted.

The good: The cupcakes tasted good. Dense but not too heavy. Almondy (which I’m a fan of) with the tartness of berries.

The bad: They were pretty time intensive (bc I’m not a pro at baking) and took way too many instruments (read: clean up was not fun).

The ugly: I didn’t fill the cupcake liners enough so they didn’t rise enough. Boo. This means they weren’t cute! The pink frosting helped… a little.

Overall I’d give it a 5. Mostly bc I kinda suck at baking (yet it doesn’t stop me from practicing).



Written by joann

August 11, 2007 at 11:51 am

Posted in dessert, experiments

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