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I usually tote my camera around but like a dummy I didn’t remember it on the most important evening of the week – fancy dinner courtesy of Simon.

First of all, this place is poppin’ on Friday night. We couldn’t get a reservation but decided to go anyway and ended up waiting 2 hours for a table. (Correction: Simon ended up waiting 2 hours for a table.) We squeezed into a 4 person table (there were 5 of us) which was pretty cozy. I gotta admit though, the food was pretty darn good. The place is nicely decorated and clean. The waitress (the entire place was staffed by ladies) leads you to your table and you gotta take off your shoes and put them in cubbies. Luckily, it didn’t smell like feet up in there. That would be not so cool.


We had 2 salads with our meal. The first was a daikon salad with mung bean sprouts, lil anchovies, seaweed, and dried fish flakes. The daikon was nice and crisp and the fish added a good bit of saltiness.


Two or three dishes later the sashimi salad arrived – spring mix with more mung bean sprouts and an assortment of raw fish. There was some sort of dressing on there but I can’t remember what the heck it tasted like.


My second favorite of the evening was the braised pork. So so tender a little fatty and in a salty broth. Reminded me of adobo. That’s miso paste on the edge of the bowl. We ended up doubling up on our order of this one.


Beef tounge. Grilled and lightly seasoned. Slightly chewy and surprisingly good.


A milder version of kimchi stew. Check out the big block of tofu in this one. I kinda missed the deeper-burn-the-back-of-your-throat appeal of OG kimchi stew.


Croquettes – can’t remember what’s in this one exactly. It was brown and crisp on the outside totally soft and creamy on the inside. It’s deep fried so I was a big fan.


Grilled smelt as ordered by the other Joann. It was chock full of smelt roe. I took a taste but wasn’t a fan. Leftover memories of catching smelt off the pier during family fishing trips. For some reason that makes the smelt less appealing. That and I’m not a huge roe person.


This was my hands down favorite of the evening. Crispy fried pork in a sweet and sour sauce. Topped with green onions and eggplant. I can’t describe how yummy this was. It was also probably really really bad for you. Deep fried battered pork belly. Delicious.


This is the fusion part of this place – Japanese Pizza. The crust was nearly non-existent and couldn’t hold up to the massive amount of cheese and toppings. Huge, meaty mushrooms, meat (or was it pork?), seaweed, and loads and loads of cheese.


This is lame that I’m posting this picture even though I didn’t get a chance to taste this at all. (I was so, so full.) Salmon on top of a little triangular lump of rice that had been lightly pan fried in soy sauce. This made the outside nice and crispy like the layer of rice that gets lightly burnt at the bottom of the rice pot.


We wrapped up dinner with dessert of course. One order each of black sesame ice cream and green tea ice cream with red beans. This was the best green tea ice cream I’ve ever had. I’ve been enjoying black sesame rice balls recently so the ice cream was a nice surprise. Very nutty almost like peanut butter (in a good way).

Phew. I’m full just looking at these pictures. Thanks to Mr. Hung for dinner and to the other Joann for winning dinner for us. How did we finish the evening? Um, duh! Karaoke!


Written by joann

August 22, 2007 at 11:03 pm

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  1. Since you mentioned me, I had to leave my mark. 😉

    the other Joann

    August 23, 2007 at 12:50 pm

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