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If we’re friends I probably have made you eat at Tofu House. (It goes hand and hand with my love for kdramas.) This time I dragged the other Joann, Lizzie, and Julia. Well, not dragged. Joann asked – PVH or Tofu House? Seeing as that I was the only one that voted… I won! One of the best things about Korean places is the banchan. In this case we got mung bean sprouts, sugary potatoes, regular ol’ kimchi, seaweed with hot sauce, and chapchae. At this particular TH you get purple rice with beans (in the metal bowl). You can also ask for regular rice if you like to keep things simple.

Back from a hiatus (ok, maybe not) was AnimeGuy. He had been MIA for the last 3 visits. I figured he left for greener tofu pastures or maybe changed his shift or sumthin. Nonetheless, it made my visit to TH complete. AnimeGuy, I heart you and I hope you never change your cartoon inspired hair. I also hope you give me free bbq beef on my birthday again bc I like free food.


I considered bibimbap today with its mash up of veggies, hot sauce, and burnty rice edges. In the end, I went with the old standby. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. One #2 combination tofu medium, please.


Fun fact: I used to hate tofu. Those days are long gone.


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August 28, 2007 at 8:49 pm

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