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Where’s dinner party numero uno you ask? Um, still on my other laptop. Whoops. In any case, the pictures from last week’s party are too good to keep on the back burner. With gratitude to Chez Lee, I present to you our fancy shmancy dinner. Photos courtesy of the other Joann.

To start us off, a nice cheese plate of non-stinky cheese. Brie, parmesan, something with walnuts, and something with herbs that I coulda swore tasted vaguely of goat cheese. Props to Chez Lee for the classy cheese instruments.


Salad ala Julia with ham, bacon, mushrooms, and other good stuff.


The main event of roasted pork rubbed with a blend of 13 herbs and spices. Okay, not really 13 herbs and spices (I think thats KFC’s original recipe fried chicken) but it WAS rubbed with oregano + oregano’s friends which means it was delicious and roasted to perfection.


Side dishes! Toasted cheese bread. Toasted HOT cheese bread since it was sprinkled with cayenne pepper.


Oh man this creamed corn was a winner. Corn, heavy cream, butter, parmesan cheese, cracked black pepper, a gillion calories.


Asparagus lightly sauteed in olive oil with a generous helping of minced garlic.


So what was my contribution to the meal? Dessert!


Written by joann

September 10, 2007 at 10:00 pm

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