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Let me sum it up right quick: we will not be returning to this joint.


After a morning at the mall the Brothers and I were searching for something for lunch. We considered In N Out but then saw the new Wing Stop restaurant nearby. Thinking we would try something new we ventured over to peek at the menu. George (who wanted In N Out) lost a tricky game of rock, paper, scissors and we decided to try it out.

1. The inside of this place looks like an airplane hanger. Get it? Wings? Airplanes? Clever and yet not a good look for an eatery. It was super dark and the vinyl seats and table top were sticky. The kitchen takes up 3/4ths of the place so there are maybe 10 tables inside. Dark + small = claustrophobic

2. The menu is confusing. They have some of it posted off to the side, some of it taped to the counter top, and some of it posted above the counter. WTH. Stick it all in one place. I don’t have 8 eyes through which I can catch all 3 versions of your menu while ordering.


3. They made us pick 3 sauces and we decided on hickory bbq, mild, and lemon pepper. Theeeen they asked us to pick 3 dips. Um. Sauce AND dip? Seriously? Ranch, honey mustard, and, uh, ranch. I guess.

4. Our meal came with 16 boneless wings, a basket of fries, and a basket of veggie sticks. We bought 3 drinks and the total came to nearly $30. Can we say overpriced?


5. These were the saltiest fries I have ever had in my life. My blood pressure went up 20 points. At some point I started tapping each fry on the edge of the basket and scraping each side. They were STILL salty.

6. The lemon pepper sauce tasted like lemon butter and was also weirdly salty. Lemon butter is for seafood not chicken. We started making suicides with the dip – dipping each chicken piece into all of the dips and sauces. Guess which flavor out-flavored them all? That freakin’ lemon butter. Gack.

Overall 2** out of 5.

Wing Stop: 43448 Boscell Road Fremont, CA 94538


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September 17, 2007 at 10:28 pm

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