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dakao sandwich #2, milpitas, ca

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Yelp has been saving the day lately so I decided to use it again this morning to find something new to try for lunch. I settled on Dakao Sandwich Number 2 in Milpitas just off of Calaveras. The Yelp reviews raved about fresh bread and lots o’ meat and fixins. Sounded promising.

+1 Because this place is really easy to find and ridiculously close to me

+5 Because the sandwiches are super cheap, mine was $2.

+5 Because the shredded chicken in my sandwich was pretty good.

-4 Because the bread was not good. Not hot or fresh. More like grainy which is not the way I like my french roll.

-2 Because there was not enough cilantro

What does that give us? 5? Is that good or bad? I dunno. I think, for now, that I’ll stick to Lee’s. Unless I’m feeling really cheap and can only find 8 quarters. In that case, off to Dakao’s and their janky bread I go. 2** out of 5.

Dakao Sandwich Number Two: 71 S. Abel Street Milpitas, CA 95035


Written by joann

September 30, 2007 at 9:46 pm

Posted in bay area, vietnamese

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