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leg 1: san francisco to seoul

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Yah, I know I’m writing all of my travel posts out of order. No matter – food is food.

It takes a freakin’ long time to get to India. Like really long. Really, really long. The first leg of the journey was from San Francisco to Seoul. We were lucky enough to get decent deals on Singapore Airlines so we got to use the fancy individual media consoles they provide, sleep in the slightly roomier seats, and avail of the pretty tasty (by airplane standards) cuisine.


MG gave a big thumbs up to our first meal which was lunch (even though we technically ate lunch in the airport). We had about 5 meals on the first ‘day’ of our trip. Score big points on the fact that it was a flight to Korea because Korean food is delicious!

Inside the omelet, which I’m just noticing is the most yellow omelet ever, was fried rice of black and white sesame seeds, sesame oil, carrots, peas, and mushrooms. My egg was a little overdone but the rice was good. I tried the pickled daikon but this ended up being particularly bitter. As with the usual airplane meal it came with salad and a bread roll. Atypical of airplane meals was the big ol’ chocolate ice cream sandwich bar we got for dessert. A nice touch.


After a long Dramamine-induced nap came the snack. A chicken bun which was way good. Soft bread with shredded chicken inside, brushed with egg and topped with just a slight sprinkling of sesame seeds. Definitely ask for one of these if you fly with Singapore Airlines.


Next up was labeled the *light meal*. Steamed rice with steamed veggies, and steamed fish. The fish was flavored with Korean chili and more sesame seeds and probably a little seaweed. Overall not bad. Total air time: 12.5 hours.


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October 17, 2007 at 5:55 pm

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