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I was pretty excited to get to Singapore. Good thing too since I had a 19 hour layover to contend with.

We tried unsuccessfully to check in to the Transit Hotel in Terminal 2. Because we’re dumb, we hadn’t made previous reservations. Take heed future travelers that you should call ahead if you know you’ll need a room here. As an alternative we ended up in the Plaza Premium Lounge across the way.

This place is not bad at all. There are plenty of chairs that you can push together to make decent beds. We took over a corner of the place and did some rearranging until we were plenty comfortable. For about SGD 30 each you can take advantage of the seating, the internet, and the snacks for 5 hours.


Snacks? I’m there. By the time we got to Singapore it was lunch time in California so even though we had been eating our bio clocks were signaling meal time. Here’s my little snack plate of itty bitty egg and tuna finger sandwiches (not egg and tuna together mind you), a curry pastry puff, and some snack mix and peanuts.

They also provide instant noodle cups, cereal, a dinky salad bar, coffee, tea, sodas, cookies, and other things to munch on. Other lounge amenities that you can use with extra charge are the showers (MG says better than the one in the transit hotel), massages (we both had ’em and they were pretty good), the gym (for extra they’ll give you gym clothes), and an oxygen bar.

If you come here during the day, it has a patio area covered in sunflowers which is really pretty.


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October 17, 2007 at 6:27 pm

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