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You have to hit the Philippines during specific fruit seasons. Otherwise, you miss out on getting unique, tropical fruits that you can’t enjoy stateside. One of my faves is lanzones. They look a little like longan and chicos, if you’re familiar with those. The difference is that I hate longans and chicos. Heh. The rule of thumb when picking out lanzones at the market is to find the ones covered in ants. The ants always get to the sweet ones. Buuuuut, these days sellers have been known to put ants on lanzones just to get folks to think that they’re sweet. Lanzones that aren’t sweet aren’t bland – they’re SOUR so beware.

Another thing to know about lanzones is that they have a sticky sap under the skin. Getting it all over your fingers is a pain. To enjoy lanzones sap-free, try the following:

1. Squeeze the belly button end of the fruit until it splits open.


2. Pull apart to get two separate pieces. See the edible, white segments of fruit? That’s what you’re after.


3. Pull the segments away from the skin, tear off the spongy seam portion (shown here at the very top of the fruit), and enjoy. Steer clear of the seed because it is quite bitter. Usually, one of the sections will be seed-free.



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October 28, 2007 at 6:15 pm

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