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I have always found it interesting that the McDonald’s menu changes to cater to local tastes. Different countries, different meals, different tastes, same brand. McDonald’s is lovingly referred to as ‘McDo’ (accent on the Do). The menu includes stuff like the usual BigMac and chicken nuggets but also has Chicken McDo, Burger McDo (sweeter than a regular hamburger, I think it’s made with pork), McSpaghetti, and taro pie.


You can even get fried chicken and spaghetti together in one combo meal. It’ll set you back P35 or so (less than a USD 1). The chicken is the usual fried goodness. Not exactly the Colonel’s 23 herbs and spices but it gets the job done. The spaghetti is Filipino style – sweet with hot dogs and shredded (but not parmesan) cheese on top. I enjoyed this meal after a morning of shopping at the newly opened Trinoma Mall – off Edsa, right across the street from SM North.


Written by joann

November 23, 2007 at 10:12 pm

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