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The Yelp reviews on HC Dumpling are all over the place. Some folks rave about the awesomeness of their xiao long baos. Other reviewers say that the place has cockroaches. I opted to not eat here for awhile due to recent roach sightings, but have now tried to the place twice with no signs of the reported cucarachas.


Back to the xlbs aka soup dumplings aka juicy dumplings. These kinds of dumplings are special-er than regular dumplings because the soup is actually inside the darn thing. Each dumpling is a spoonful of soup all wrapped up in a convenient carrying case. I’ve tried the scallop, pork, and shrimp and loofah varieties. Of the three, the shrimp and loofah one is the tastiest at HC Dumpling. The loofah is a nice addition to the mix that gives the soup inside a fresh, light taste. I thought the filling on the pork dumplings was a little mushy and the scallops ones I can barely remember.

I know what you’re thinking. How do you make dumplings with liquid inside? I looked it up. The secret is gelatin. Soup flavored jello is firmed up, cut up, and then added to the filling. When steamed the soup jello melts into liquid form. Eat ’em by picking them up gently with your chopsticks, placing them into your soup spoon, and biting an itty bitty hole. Blow on it a bit to help cool it down and then (carefully) sip on the soup. Add a little of the ginger vinegar to taste and get a nice big bite once it’s cool enough to not burn your tongue.


We also ordered shrimp lettuce wraps during my first visit. I liked the added crunch of the crispy wonton skins and I think the mixture in general is what they put in the shrimp loofah dumplings. I didn’t think the combo of the mild shrimp and loofah and the lettuce was a good mix. Okay in general but not enough flavor overall.


We also ordered what I think are bean curd strips with soy beans. Oddly enough I had a similar dish the night before at another Cupertino Village restaurant. The bean curd reminds me of bandages. I find this dish to be texturally challenging even though it tastes alright. Bandages + sliminess = weirdness.


This was recommended by the waiter on my first visit and it was so good I ordered it again during my second trip. It’s a thin pancake rolled with slices of beef and green onion (and I think maybe cilantro?). There’s also plenty of a hoisin-based sauce wrapped in there. Delicious!


This is one of my favorite things to eat in all of Cupertino Village (not that I’ve tasted THAT many things at CV). Red bean fried pancake tastes better when the cook is generous with the red bean paste. If I really tried I could probably eat an entire serving by myself. I like how the pancake is kinda flaky with the added sesame on the outside. Also, I love red bean anything. Fry it up and throw some red beans on it – I’m there. 3.5*** out of 5.

Hu Chiang Dumpling House: 10877 North Wolfe Road, Cupertino, California 95015


Written by joann

December 16, 2007 at 12:27 pm

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