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I’ve mentioned Yuet Lee before because it’s my SF equivalent to Big Tomy’s in LA. The cuisine is not the same but evenings (or should I say early mornings?) I’ve spent at these two establishments are nightcaps to fun evenings spent with good friends.  My Bay Area homies love this place. To be honest, my first few trips were okay at best. I dunno if we’re ordering better food or if I’m getting accustomed to the taste but our most recent meal was way past okay into really, really good.


We started with beef tomato soup. Yay for eggs in soup. Boo for it tasting like ketchup soup. Next, please.


One of two Julia requests was seafood chow mein with crispy noodles. Very tasty. I like the difference in texture of noodles that are still crispy, half crispy, and completely soaked in the chow mein gravy. This reminded me of my college days – Noodle Planet anyone?


More beef and tomato this time with rice and bell peppers. This was a little better than the soup but only by a little bit.


Jane prefers the mussels but I have to say that I think the clam are less malansa. Sorry, no clue how to translate that from Filipino to English. In any case, clams in black bean sauce. Get it. It’s good. This was Julia’s second request.

Yuet Lee has a pretty extensive menu and is open late into the night which is ultra convenient. It’s a hole in the wall so don’t expect awesome service or fancy decor. If you go late at night expect lots of inebriated people. Case in point, on Friday night there were two dudes sitting behind us. One was happily enjoying his meal while the other was passed the hell out on the table. The happy friend played with his cellphone, munched on his food, and, every once in awhile, would hit his friend in the arm with a couple of ‘hey! hey. dude, wake up’s. Good food AND late night entertainment.

Yuet Lee:  1300 Stockton Street (at Broadway), San Francisco, CA 94133


Written by joann

December 17, 2007 at 11:45 pm

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