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JenLui wants to eat at Santa Ramen (and so do I) but we never quite make it all the way up to San Mateo to check it out. This weekend was no different. I hijacked her lunch invitation and asked for Korean bbq instead. Partly because I was craving Korean food but mostly because I was dreading another trek up the peninsula (it would have been my third trip this weekend). We considered Palace BBQ Buffet but decided on the restaurant that Jane’s family frequents – Korean BBQ House (I know, real creative guys) in Milpitas.


As with any good Korean meal we started off with lots of banchan. The japchae (glass noodles, first picture) was pretty good but I prefer the noodles a little firmer. I muttered something about the dried fish being my favorite and I got a surprise giant bowl of it from the waiter. Thanks Mr. Waiter, you rule. I liked the daikon a lot – tasty and pickly but not stinky. JenLui’s fave are the fish cakes which I thought were just alright. We also got kimchi radish, fermented black beans, and some green veggie thing. All in all about 9 or so banchan which is pretty generous. (Not counting my enormous serving of dried fishies.)


We ordered bulgogi and bbq chicken (you have to order 2 raw meats to be able to use the grill). Both dishes were pretty good although the beef ended up quite dry since it was left on the grill for too long. The chicken was surprisingly moist. What’s a little odd is that the waiters actually cooked our meat for us. They would swing by every few minutes or so to turn the meat and then cut it up and then even served it to us in our bowls. Do they usually do that? I dunno.


I have yet to meet a pancake that I didn’t like. JenLui ordered the seafood pancake and it was seriously delicious. Big giant pieces of green onion and octopus. Fried and golden brown and delicious. We noshed on this while the bbq cooked.


Jane requested the beef rib soup which I didn’t eat much of. I tasted the soup though and it was pretty good. Julia seemed to enjoy it even though Jane was serving it from one of the empty banchan bowls.


Lovely and delightful dolsot bibimbap (that’s the stone pot kind). This was my request (now that I think of it, Julia was the only one with no requests – sorry Julia!). I like all the random veggies, pieces of meat, mushed around egg, and red pepper paste. The part of the rice that gets crunchy from being at the bottom of the stone pot is extra bonus. I really gotta get me one of these stone pot dealios.

I ate the bulgogi just like I see them eat it on my kdramas – with some bean paste and wrapped inside a piece of lettuce. I added some of the daikon for extra bite. This place is not in the nicest shopping area but the inside is actually really nice and clean. I’ll definitely be asking for Korean bbq more often (even if it makes me smell like bbq for the rest of the day). Santa Ramen, we will make it to you someday…

For dessert: Fantasia for a boba run. It’s nice to live in this part of town sometimes.

Korean BBQ House: 260 S Abel St, Milpitas, CA 95035


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