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I meant to write about this immediately following the major wrath I was feeling after my experience on Philippine Airlines during my last trip to Manila. Sigh. Where to begin…

1. Philippine Airlines takes off from the Centennial Terminal at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. The terminal was built just a few years ago and, from the outside, is much prettier looking than the regular terminals. Too bad it is terribly engineered. First of all, you get in line to check in. Get in another line to pay the ‘airport fee.’ Get in another line to go through immigration/customs. Get in another line to go through security. Now, this sounds like every airport on earth. EXCEPT at most airports finishing up at one line leads you past that counter into another section in the airport.

Oh no, not at Centennial. Every time you finish in one line, you have to fight the crowd and swim upstream (with all your luggage) to another corner of the airport. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Pull your hair out.

2. PAL charged us overage fees. They allowed only 20kilos per person on an international flight. This was shocking to me because usually they give you 70lbs per bag with a 2 bag limit. (When we fly from SFO to Manila this is usually the case no matter the airline.) They charged us. Exorbitantly. It cost more than one of our tickets. We were 15 kilos over total between the two of us. Fees are ok. Enough for 1 ticket? I might as well buy a ticket and use up the extra seat on the plane.

3. The flight was late. We chilled at the airport for 2.5 hours or so. We were also unlucky enough to be seated next to the smoking room. GREAT. Now I can have an asthma attack AND smell like smoke for the duration of my flight.

4. I fell asleep on my flight (because this is what I do on planes). Why oh why did the flight attendants still leave me a meal? You might think this is good service but MG had already told them not to give me food because I was sleeping. It just makes it harder to move around with the tray table down.

5. They wouldn’t take my freakin’ meal away. When I awoke to the unwanted meal, I craned my neck to try and flag down a flight attendant. No sign of ’em. I turned on my little light thingy. Nada. MG informs me that she has tried to find one of the flighties for the last 15 minutes. Earlier in the flight they were huddled together telling each other to checkout 17K. Apparently, someone famous, important, or attractive? I guess they were all checking him out at the same time. It was so bad people were bussing their own trays and taking them back to the little galley. Have you ever seen such a thing?! It took until the very last ‘we are descending’ announcement before they took my food (because I refuse to get up especially since they fleeced us on the baggage charges). The lady even asks me, “Do you want me to take this?” Um, yah. Just kinda. Seeing as that I haven’t touched it and it looks pretty scary I’m thinking you can take it.

Since this is a food blog, we should talk about the in-flight meal.


Doesn’t that waxy, cardboard colored sausage look delicious? Also, is there a region in the Philippines that eats canned mushrooms with their breakfast? I would really like to know. For some reason they always throw mushrooms up in there. The only thing good about this meal was the Red Ribbon ensaimada. The rest of it was yucky.

Come on Philippine Airlines! I want to be proud of you! I want to recommend you to my non-Filipino friends and tell them that you’re the best way to fly to Manila. Upgrade your planes, teach your peeps customer service, and for goodness sake Filipino food is good – stop serving the yucky version of it. Do it and we can be friends again. Otherwise, I’ll have to be bff with Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, pretty much every other airline in Asia.


Written by joann

December 18, 2007 at 11:46 pm

3 Responses

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  1. The Worst airline food @ philippine airlines

    I just flewn in to philippine airlines last month and the food they serve is a hell

    November 6, 2008 at 4:30 pm

  2. i hear you man. their food is NASTY.


    November 9, 2008 at 9:10 pm

  3. I took a trip with Philippine airline last year to go back to Vietnam. The trip was horrible. This is a nightmare, restrooms don’t have any toilet paper. The food was still alive and wanted to crawl off my plate. The smell was worse than it looked and even scared the old woman beside me.They checked for security about 5 times just sitting there to transfer to another plane. I will never take Philippine air again. I was stuck waiting for my flight over eight hours for a one and a half hour flight to Saigon.


    February 10, 2012 at 1:43 pm

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