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I first got introduced to this brand when JenLui brought over a pint of the mango flavor during the last dumpling night. A few weeks later during a regular trek to Ranch 99 I picked up the plum variety.


It’s a lovely shade of bright pink in a pretty purple pint. As you’ve probably guessed, it doesn’t take like fresh plums. It has more of that salted, dried plum flavor except sweeter. I can only guess that it tastes a bit like umeboshi. I’d recommend it in place of your typical sorbet (it has more of a sorbet texture even though it’s labeled as an ice cream) to finish off any meal and cleanse the palette.

You’ll probably need to go to a specialty Asian market to track down Meada-En’s plum ice cream. It’ll set you back about $4 for a lil’ pint. It also comes in mango (yummy) and azuki (aka red bean, I haven’t tried it yet) flavors.

Speaking of plums… I love prunes.


Written by joann

January 6, 2008 at 7:56 pm

Posted in dessert, japanese, taste tests

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