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Wow so where have I been. I’ll tell you. I’ve been watching Jumong. Yah that’s right. I spent 81 hours of my life watching a Korean drama. It was a good one though (my new favorite) and now I know way more about Korean history then I ever thought I would need/want to know. Anyway, I haven’t been cooking much (still) but I’ve been eating plenty.


It’s been a soggy weekend in the Bay Area. The rain stopped enough for me and Jane to grab dinner at a new sushi place on El Camino not far from our old apartment on Friday night. I don’t really remember what this place was before. I *think* it was Mountain Mike’s pizza but I’m not totally sure. It was pretty nice looking inside. One wall of booths, small tables, in the middle, a small sushi bar, and banquet seating down the other side. Really not what I was expecting from the outside.


They gave us edamame to munch on while we perused the extensive menu. We ended up ordering an appetizer, 2 rolls, and 2 types of nigiri. Weird thing was that everything came out at once which defeated the purpose of an appetizer. We got the appetizer sampler and my favorite part hands down was the little fried octopi (is that the plural?). They were kinda cute standing at attention there. Nicely marinated with a thin layer of batter. The scallops were also good although I found them a wee bit overcooked. Also on the plate was 2 skewers of chicken yakotori (could have used more sauce) and beef rolls with asparagus (again a wee bit overcooked).


The appetizer sampler also came with agedashi tofu. Very tasty – soft tofu inside, crispy outside, slivers of seaweed, swimming in sauce, little curls of bonita, and a lil’ green onion. Perfect.


I cannot for the life of me remember the random names they gave the rolls. This one was soft shell crab inside with eel outside. Soft shell crab is hit or miss with me. I used to like it but had a few experiences that were less than good tasting. The crab and eel were quite good but the roll itself was huuuge so you couldn’t ever get crab and eel in the same bite. I thought there was also too much avocado but that’s just me. See the fancy tea pot? Their tea was good.


In the foreground here is white tuna and scallop. I thought the scallop was quite good. I prefer negitoro to the white tuna. The roll in the back had salmon, tuna, and eel across the top and (I think) hamachi inside. No clue. By the time I got to that one I was so full I barely had one or two pieces.

The sushi was fine but nothing super tasty that blew you away. I would probably try the place again to see if some of their other menu items hit the spot. The service is decent, I even saw the chef chattin it up with folks which I found kinda much but might be nice for some. I’ll save my rating for next time… For now if you go definitely get your hands on those octopus.

Sura Sushi: 2000 W. El Camino Real Mountain View, California 94040


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January 6, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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