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I was rummaging through my pictures and noticed that I still have a few shots of Singapore eats that I haven’t posted yet…

MG and I noticed this place during our first stop in Singapore AFTER we had a meal at the food court next door. Doh! Good thing we had a few more stops in Singapore to come back to it.


Changi has plenty of eateries. This one is on the second floor of Terminal 2’s Transit Lounge. We had this meal after our stint in India. We tried to wait until we got to the Philippines for rice and fried fish but in the end we couldn’t wait any longer.


We started with some siu mai pieces. Shrimp if I remember correctly. Not bad, a lil malansa (there’s that word again) but a nice change from the ultra spice filled Indian food we’d been having for a week.


These were my fave! Red bean buns. You can’t tell from the picture but they were slightly green tinted on the outside. I’m guessing flavored with pandan. It’s made with siopao breading and has sweet red bean paste on the inside. I inhaled two of these and then saved the third for later. Oink.


And now for the fried fish! MG and I tore this thing up. Fried sea bass with a garlic black bean sauce. Pair that up with steamed white rice and you have two really full travelers. The prices are pretty reasonable so if you are craving dim sum or Chinese food in general, this is a nice sit down option should you find yourself wandering Changi Airport for hours on end.

Chen Fu Ji Noodle House: 2 Level 3, 036-083 Departure/Transit Lounge, Changi Airport, Singapore


Written by joann

January 7, 2008 at 11:53 pm

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