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The title is in honor of my first referral from del.icio.us today. Wow! Thanks!

Every new year my Mom insists that I buy round food to have in the house when the new year starts. Round food? Yes. Round food. Stuff that is round. This year she left oranges, sesame balls, siopao, and pomelo. She thinks it brings good luck. I don’t know if this is Filipino thing or some provincial thing or some family thing. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that I have lots of round food at my house every new year.


The oranges were very sweet and were from my Dad’s fruit trees but the real jewel is/was the pomelo. In Tagalog, suha (sue-ha, accent on the HA). This one was green on the outside with little yellow spots and pink flesh inside. Sometimes they come with whiter flesh and/or a yellower skin. This one was about the size of a cantaloupe (they don’t call it Citrus maxima for nothing).

It was a terror to peel. If you come across a pomelo, take a knife to it and score the darn thing so you don’t have to fight with it like I did. After some work you get the naked pomelo and a big mound of skin. It shrinks to about 2/3rds its original size.


Too bad there isn’t more you can do with all that damn peel… Stick your thumb into the belly button side (the part not sticking up in the picture) and tear the thing in half to get to the pulp.


It’s pretty easy to pull the skin off each segment off. The little white things at the top are little baby seeds. I spit those out. Really bitter, not yummy. The flesh takes like grapefruit but sweeter. Somehow grapefruit tastes harsher and more acidic. Some folks dip it in salt to add a little more umph. You don’t have to finish off the whole thing at once as I find that it keeps really well even outside of the fridge for a few days. Be sure to not have any of the actual pulp exposed if you leave it around like that.

Tang, the makers of your favorite orange flavored breakfast beverage mix, makes a pomelo flavor in the Philippines. It pairs very nicely with rum. You can find Pomelo Tang at some Asian markets but your best bet is probably the Filipino store. Pomelos appear to be in season as they are all over the place these days. Grab one and munch away.


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January 9, 2008 at 11:34 pm

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