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I’m not usually a fan of Palo Alto but my favorite nail place, Kim’s Nails, is right off of University. In preparation for my impending trip I made a visit to Kim’s and ended up spending most of the day in PA. For dinner I found myself with Lizzie at a new Thai place cornily (is that word?) named, Thaiphoon.


We started off with grapefruit salad which had a whopping 4 slices of grapefruit on it. It had lots of jicama, ground peanuts, carrots, red cabbage, and some cilantro. It was similar in taste to papaya salad but without the spice and lacking on the salt also. It was fresh tasting but I probably would not order it again.


Next up was the shrimp pad thai. I actually haven’t had pad thai in awhile since I usually opt for pad see ew. This one was quite good with well cooked noodles and juicy shrimp. The green onion added a nice bite but could have been cut into smaller pieces. I found the mountain of peanut pieces to be a little much – it was nearly the size of the pad thai portion!


Sorry for the spoon shot. The last thing we ordered was the yellow chicken curry. The curry flavor was fine on this one but I missed the spiciness. The potatoes were underdone so they tasted a bit green. They used white breast meat which was fine but some of the pieces weren’t cut through all the way so they formed these kind of strange flowery looking things.

The price was a bit high given the portion. The service was also lacking. We were missing a pair of chopsticks so I had to steal some from a nearby table (we asked for a pair but didn’t get any even when the salad arrived). The server didn’t come to check on us once during the meal, the tea was warm, and the lights dimmed and came by on in the middle of our meal. 2.5**

Thaiphoon: 543 Emerson St. Palo Alto, California 94301


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January 14, 2008 at 1:26 am

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