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Seven days later, a few Benjamins shorter, and a few pounds heavier I’m finally back in the Bay Area. Hong Kong was so much fun! Who knew an impromptu trip could turn out so well? If you are ever in need of a trip to Asia, Hong Kong is a good pick – English speaking, mall loving, foodie heaven.

We took a super late flight to Hong Kong from San Francisco on good ol’ Singapore Airlines and arrived at our hotel around 10:30am local time. Tired from the long flight and the hour long trip from the airport we headed to the hotel’s restaurant, Cafe du Parc, for breakfast. I ordered the Oriental Breakfast for HKD90 (about USD12).


What else would I eat for my first HK breakfast than congee? This was the whitest congee I’ve ever seen. Surprisingly it was still really tasty! Lots of white pepper and bits of chicken.


Next up was the rice noodle rolls in XO sauce. This was pretty good but I prefer them a little more burnt-y so that the edges are nicely carmelized.


Yay! Dim sum in Hong Kong. We got the usual and the not so usual suspects here: a Christmas-y looking steamed bun (no filling), a pork xiao long bao (filling was good but the top of the dumpling was too hard to eat), shrimp siu mai, and a pork dumpling.


As with most of our meals we also got some pickled something or other and garlic fried peanuts. I am a peanut fan so I was always happy to see them.

Breakfast at the Cafe du Parc was way good but all subsequent meals at the restaurant were subpar. More on the Metropark Hotel in a later blog post. Up ahead in the next few days: mango sago, chicken feet, 1000 year old eggs, high tea, egg tarts, and Peking duck.

Mmmmm… goy.

Cafe du Parc: Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay Hong Kong, 148 Tung Lo Wan Road Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Written by joann

January 22, 2008 at 11:49 pm

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