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We passed this place on our trip back to a clothes shop that we first found on our way to Stanley Market. There was a line out the door so we figured the place had to be good. Before seeing MG and Julia off on their shopping adventure (I was going to putter around Times Square and then rest at the hotel to help recover from the cold I had) we stopped by here for lunch.

No English here but plenty of pictures on the walls and other diners slurping huge bowls of soup that you can point to. We did the ‘I want that one, bottom one, on the right, yah the right, no the bottom, thick noodles, yah, uh huh, yup’ thing. It seemed to work. This is what HKD26 will get you.


Hell to the yes. Those are fried chicken wings and fried pork chop swimming in a chili oil spiked broth on top of flat rice noodles and sprinkled with fried garlic and green onions. Warm and yummy and good (except for that one bite that went down the wrong pipe and buuuurned like heck). Tip: don’t get heavy handed with the chili oil that stuff is HOT.

I have no idea what this place is called but find it in Times Square, Causeway Bay. From the green snack stand nearest to Times Square, head up Jardine’s Bazaar. Follow your nose and get in line. Be prepared to sit with other guests in the cafeteria style seating. They’ll hand you chopsticks but no napkins. Pay at the counter when you’re done.

If anyone wants to translate the name of the place from the first picture, lemme know what it says!


Written by joann

January 23, 2008 at 8:24 pm

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