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the mystery of the butterfly carrots

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Sounds like some whack Nancy Drew novel.


I’m sad to say that I missed our first few instances of this phenomena but once I caught on I started snapping pictures whenever these mysterious butterfly shaped carrots appeared. They are everywhere. The above example is even more weird because the 2nd butterfly has a strange green streak running through it. I thought it was something on top of the carrot but its not.


Now at Yun Kee. This was less pretty than the others.


And even in Julia’s room service ramen.

What’s the deal? Why is all of Hong Kong spending time cutting carrots into butterfly shapes? Are they butterfly shapes? Are they M’s or maybe W’s? Are the original carrots so disfigured that they require cosmetic tweaking to be included in meal preparation? Or, as MG suggested, do Hong Kong carrots just grow in this shape?

Perhaps the world will never know. Perhaps you know. If you do, you should tell me because I’m intrigued.


Written by joann

January 23, 2008 at 11:53 am

Posted in hong kong, random, travels

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