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We got lots of good recommendations from friends of things to do and places to visit in Hong Kong. One of the places that we heard about multiple times was the spicy crab place under the bridge. Little did we know that this was not just a description of the place, it was the NAME of the place: Under Bridge Spicy Crab.

One taxi ride later we found ourself at the aforementioned bridge with the spicy crab on the menu. We got dropped off at the corner and walked first up to a shabby looking kitchen. This was confusing. Was it an expensive hole in the wall? We were ushered a few doors down to a fancier building and waited a few minutes for our table. If you decide to pay them a visit, make a reservation. We did and we still had to wait.

They wanted us to sit next to the door and tried to convince us that the room divider thingy would shield us from the cold. No go. We were freezing and not in the mood for a windy dinner. I guess they got tired of us standing there so they opened up a closet and set a table for us. That’s right. We ate dinner in a closet. Yes, it was weird. Yes, the food was good.


Clams in black bean sauce (a duh since we were eating with Julia). Super good, slightly spicy, tender clams in a slightly sweet sauce. We finished off the entire serving.


We had to also please the vegetarian. She ordered tofu with steamed veggies. I love tofu that is slightly browned on the outside and soft on the inside. This was serving 2 of 10 of gailan which we had at almost every meal.


I asked Jlin what this dish was called and she said ‘eggplant in a pot.’ I will try to be a bit more descriptive. It is, in fact, eggplant in a clay pot. It is also slightly sweet with oyster sauce. The flavor didn’t go too well with the other stuff we ordered, but on its own was very good. The sauce includes minced pork which Jlin had asked the lady to omit. She reminded the server that the dish still had pork in it. She told Jlin to just scrape it off. Uh, ok.


Spicy garlic chicken wings! Who doesn’t love wings? When we ordered this the server asked us if we wanted the fried chicken instead. We second guessed ourselves for a moment but stuck to our wings. We were not disappointed. Super garlicy, peppery, fried to perfection chicken wings covered in deep fried garlic bits.


And now I give you: under bridge spicy crab. If you order this, they’ll ask you what size you want. We ended up with the biggest smallest size. It was plenty for 3 hungry meat-eaters. The shell of the crab is flipped over, the body of the crab is cut into fairly manageable sections, the claws are cracked open, and its all piled on top of each other. Then a very generous helping of deep fried garlic and green onion is smothered on. We ordered medium spicy and our lips were burning. The crab meat is very tender but sticks to the sides of the shell a bit. I liked the taste a lot but had a hard time enjoying it as I usually dig into crab with my hands instead of picking away at it with chopsticks.


The menu mentioned that dessert was free ‘while stock lasts.’ Even though it was around 11pm we were lucky enough to partake of the free dessert of sweet green bean soup. I’ve posted about munggo and this is the same bean – boiled to heck and sugared. By this time we were bursting at the seams.

The entire meal set us back about HKD400. Not bad at all for the amount of seafood we inhaled. On our way out we saw a picture of the chef and Anthony Bourdain. Now you KNOW this place is good. One gripe: my water glass was dirty. I asked for a second one and that was dirty too. I won’t even gripe about eating in a closet. That was an experience in itself.

Under Bridge Spicy Crab: under some overpass in Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Written by joann

January 23, 2008 at 10:21 am

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