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Another recommendation, this time from Jeff, to check out Wasabisabi led us to dinner on the 13th floor of the Times Square Center. Now don’t make the same mistake we did by going around in circles trying to get to the 13th floor. Use the outside elevator to go straight there. If you try to get in through the elevators inside, you’ll end up everywhere but the 13th floor. If you’re taking the MTR take the Island line and get off at Causeway Bay. Exit A will lead you right to Times Square.

This place is FANCY. It doesn’t even feel like Hong Kong inside. Feels more like Hollywood or something. We’re talking spotlighting, mirrors, and beaded accents. There’s a lit catwalk down the middle of the restaurant and they turn on the dj, fog, and strobe lights at 11pm. The booths even swivel so they can face either the restaurant side or the bar side. How freakin’ cool is that. If I lived in Hong Kong, I would have my birthday here. That’s how cool it is.

The awesome picture above is MG’s appetizer of foie gras. Pretty right? If the foie gras hasn’t tipped you off, let me tell you that this place is not cheap.


For moi, the Wasabisabi special of a shrimp tempura roll with radish, cucumber, avocado, and tobiko.


Do you like the fancy stone slab they served my sushi on? I also picked my old stable of unagi which was tightly and expertly rolled by the sushi chefs. Solid eats.


I had never seen this on a menu before. WS called it the grilled O-toro roll. Tuna and tobiko inside with grilled toro on the outside. So, so, good. The grilling gave it a nice bbq taste but didn’t distract from the fresh tuna inside. I had to think twice about sharing but I had to do it so that others could enjoy the deliciousness.


The pretty presentation continues with black sesame ice cream on a green leaf inside a wooden bowl. Julia and I split this and even though we were both super full we finished off the entire scoop. I’ve had black sesame ice cream before but nothing that was as deep tasting as this one. The ice cream was rich and slightly icy. Two thumbs up. The food above (minus the foie gras) set me back about HKD420. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a balla and then MG buys the champagne and reminds me that she’s the balla.

Wasabisabi: 1 Matheson Street, Times Square Center – 13th Floor, Causeway Bay/Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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January 23, 2008 at 7:09 pm

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  1. […] then set adrift on unagi sauce. I was really hoping to get something more along the lines of the O-Toro roll at Wasabisabi. V. strange. There’s also a giant ‘less than’ sign made with Sriracha on the […]

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