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Our first trip to Times Square’s Food Forum brought us to Chung’s Cuisine. No recommendations here, we stumbled on this place after getting lost trying to get to the 13th floor. Plus it was one of the few restaurants still open between that strange eating time between lunch and dinner. So if you find yourself looking to eat at around 3pm, this might be the place for you.


MG pretty much lives on these and, if allowed, will ask for them every day. She prefers the baked version but enjoys the steamed siopao-style variety as well. This time around we got mini steamed bbq pork buns. The bread part was super soft, the inside was runnier than I like and sweeter than usual.


Yup. Here comes the chicken feet. I’ve never had it before so I figured this would be a good time to check it out. In the Philippines, we call the bbq variety ‘Adidas.’ Get it? Because there are 3 toes like the 3 stripes on Adidas shoes. Clever. Anyway, this particular set of chicken feet was in a black bean sauce. The taste was good but it was all tendon and skin so the texture was often jelly-like which reminds me of fat which is less appealing.


Usual suspect numero uno. Shrimp siu mai (I think). Pork and shrimp filling underneath, whole shrimp on top.


Usual suspect numero dos: juicy har kow. Yum.


This ended up being a surprising favorite for me. Chinese cucumber in chili sesame oil and brown vinegar with garlic. I love cucumbers in onion, white vinegar, and black pepper and this is a nice variant of those ingredients. I might have to try to whip this one up at home.


Ah yes, the 1000 year old eggs. I wanted to like these but couldn’t get past the texture. The yolk, as slimy as it was, tasted ok. I bit into the egg white part but kept wondering what kind of processing would make an egg translucent. I took a taste of the 1000 year old eggs at Yun Kee and the taste was a lot closer to salted egg (itlog na pula).


Of course a dessert plate. The top thing was some berry pudding/mousse layered thingy. I have no idea what kind of berries those are but man they were good. The little twinkie colored thing was not good. I took one bite and left it alone. The chocolate pie tasted like hot chocolate with marshmallows in pie form. Unexpected but good.

The entire meal set us back about HKD400 for 4 people. Fancy, shmancy dim sum – nice digs, good food, doesn’t feel authentic but saw plenty of local lookin’ folks eating there also.

Chung’s Cuisine: 1 Matheson Street, Times Square Center 12th floor, Causeway Bay/Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Written by joann

January 23, 2008 at 6:49 pm

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