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I unexpectedly found myself at famed Taiwan-based dumpling house Din Tai Fung last Monday night – in Arcadia of all places. Long story short, I was at Disneyland with no dinner plans and tagged along with JenLui and her college friends. One Mini Cooper ride and 40 minutes later -> soup dumplings in Arcadia.


We had 3 orders of pork dumplings and 1 order of crab roe dumplings. Dude. That was 40 little pockets of love. The pork dumplings are better than the ones I’ve had at HC Dumpling House but the crab ones were disappointing. They didn’t taste crabby at all. In fact, they tasted like the pork ones. The skins were nice and soft but still chewy and the filling was nicely seasoned. Plenty of ginger and vinegar to go along with the soup slurping.


Rice cakes and veggies. Looks tasty but tasted bland.


Hot and sour soup. Neither hot nor sour. Boo.


Pork chop fried rice recommended by Jeff. This was good actually. I liked that the fried rice was not too greasy and the pork chop was salty but slightly sweet.

Overall, a decent visit to DTF. Next time I’ll stick with the dumplings and fried rice and then throw in an order of something with red bean. The meal itself wasn’t too expensive but I don’t remember the total bill. The shebang above plus an order of string beans was more than enough to feed four hungry peeps. I’ll save my true judgment of DTF, for the benefit of all my Taiwanese-pride friends, for the real one in Taiwan. This one… 3***.

Din Tai Fung: 1108 S. Baldwin Arcadia, California 91007

Written by joann

February 11, 2008 at 11:23 pm

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  1. jobay-did you know you come up as the 5th search result for din tai fung??!?


    March 21, 2009 at 4:12 am

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