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Thought I was done with my HK posts? Me too! We were wrong. I had a Stan’s donut today for dinner. Probably a bad idea. In honor of that donut and donuts all over the world, I present the long awaited (but only by me) HK Pastry Parade. For those of you who wonder about my health, I still have a sore throat. You are so thoughtful for asking!


One of my favorite things about Hong Kong (2nd only to my love of the MTR) is that there’s a bakery on every corner. Tons of them everywhere. Near the mall, across the street, next to 7-11, in the MTR station. Check out the cute mouse mousse mini cake they had at Maxim’s in Central across the street from H&M.

I’m skipping ahead though. The first pastry I had in HK was from Queen’s Bakery in Causeway Bay.


This was the infamous pork curry bun (or was it beef) that ruined my appetite for dinner. It had a few kernals of corn on top for decoration. It was about HKD7 (USD1). While at Queen’s I also picked this up. I figured it would be handy in case I needed a midnight snack.


I picked diet in a lame attempt to watch my caloric intake. I have no idea if there is anything diet about it. In any case, it was soft and airy but kinda dry. Not bad but I didn’t finish it in one sitting.


I was chomping on this one while I took that picture of the mouse cake. Sweet bread with cream cheese on th einside dusted with sugar and sliced almonds. This would have tasted yummier had it still been warm. It was still a good fill up between our Central shopping marathon.


Lastly, I leave you with Teddy Bear Buns from Queens Bakery. So cute. How can you eat a face like that?


Written by joann

February 25, 2008 at 10:42 pm

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