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This post has been chillin’ in the wings for awhile. My stupid sore throat has kept me frozen yogurt-less for 7 days. Let’s hope the hiatus doesn’t last much longer. In honor of my love for tart frozen yogurt, here’s the much awaited (ok, not really) story of the day I finally met Pinkberry.


I had heard so much about Pinkberry that I kind of thought I would hate it.

I was pretty much really wrong.

Paty and I stopped at the Pinkberry near her place in Silverlake when I made a visit to LA a few weekends ago. She got a small green tea and I got a medium sized original with Cap’n Crunch, mango, and mochi. I wasn’t *trying* to be a piggie but the guy said that it would be cheaper for me to get the bigger size. I thought I wouldn’t finish it. I was wrong about that too.


The mango was sweet, the mochi was soft and chewy, and the Cap’n Crunch was Cap’n Crunch (I can’t really praise high quality sugared cereal that anyone can buy in the store.) My combo was awesome and all for $4 or so. I like my frozen yogurt tart and this is plenty tart and very creamy.

Please issue my tart frozen yogurt fanclub card.


Written by joann

March 2, 2008 at 12:18 am

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