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JenLui brought me 3 different types of KitKat from Hong Kong – orange chocolate, melon, and peach.


I think most of these flavors originate in Japan. Like I mentioned before, Japan is serious about their KitKat and I can respect that. In true fashion I brought the KitKat to work to have everyone taste test the different flavors. I kinda had my money on the peach purely for aesthetic reasons – pink box with a cherry blossom in the corner.


Again, not my man hands. Those are Kevin’s. The peach and melon varieties were marbled on the outside. The orange chocolate was made with darker, more bitter chocolate.

Peach – Kinda strange. Ever had 2%, the Korean artificially flavored sugar water? My favorite is the peach flavor and the peach Kitkat is like eating a regular Kitkat and drinking peach flavored 2% at the same time. This is my long winded way of saying that it tasted very artificial in a not so good way.

Chocolate Orange – Pretty good, very orange-y. You can smell the orangeness right as you open the package. Very bitter aftertaste.

Melon – The surprise winner here. Not sure why cantaloupe and chocolate should go together but for some reason it works. Melon is a pretty popular flavor in Asian candies but even the non-Asian people who tasted it were fans. I liked it even better than the green tea red bean one I had a few months ago.

Thanks to Jen for bringing me back interesting, blog-able eats from her adventures.


Written by joann

March 8, 2008 at 1:14 am

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