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It’s been awhile huh? I’ve been busy with the flu and sinus infections and inhaled corticosteriods and such. Like a baby my mommy came to make me feel better. After that hot mess, I had lots of work to wade through (things pile up while you’re out coughing like you’re getting paid to do it and convincing yourself not to rip out your tonsils). Also 3 of the 4 last weekends were eaten up by work (boo!).

Luckily this past weekend RULED.


I started off on Friday night with all of my favorite ladies – Jane, Lizzie, the other Joann, Cindy, Jess, Julia and Jen Lui. We tried out Arya Global Cuisine in Cupertino right off of Steven’s Creek and a stone’s throw from Vallco. Arya specializes in Persian cuisine but also serves Italian food and some Greek stuff. Raaandom.


We started off with an appetizer sampler that had hummus (tarter than usual but not in a bad way), chicken salad (pass on the cafeteria pickle), mass of purple stuff (pretty good), and dolmas (grape leaves with stuff inside – didn’t try ’em).


I ordered the chicken shish kebabs that came with a big helping of basmati rice. Peeps were saying that the portions where really big and that a shish kebab platter could serve two. Maybe I’m just a piggy then because I coulda finished the whole thing myself – there are only six or so pieces of chicken and they are moderately sized. The green bell pepper and onions are tasty, nicely grilled with that nice burnt grilled crust. Very tender, juicy chicken was made even better with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

[Tangent: I’m watching Mariah Carey singing at the premier of The Hills on MTV. She sounds TERRIBLE! What happened to her voice?!]

I also picked off of Jane’s plate and gave her some of my chicken in return.


Kinda looks like diniguan right? Jane got fesenjoon – fried walnut pomegranate sauce with boiled chicken. It comes with the ever present basmati rice and a cracker of crispy rice. The sauce is definitely walnut-y and pretty rich. More salty than sweet. I was a fan.

Speaking of basmati rice. Julia found a plastic tag thingy in hers. You know what we’re talking about right? The plastic thingy that holds the price tag to new clothes? In this case (per the restaurant owner) it was the tag from the 40lb bag of rice. I’ve never seen a 40lb bag of rice before. Maybe basmati comes in that size. Asian people rice comes in 1lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb, and 50lbs bag for sure.

So, yah, back to the plastic thingy. Not a big deal. There could be worse things in your food. I took a picture but will spare you. The manager (maybe owner?) was very apologetic although didn’t offer a discount on the dish or anything. He did ask if we wanted more rice. We passed.

Our entire bill was $180+ (gratuity included). Not bad although for some reason harder to split between everyone than usual. Cindy said the interior reminded her of Las Vegas. I thought it was alright. Somewhere between fancy and fake-fancy. All in all I’d give the place 3.5 ****.

Arya Global Cuisine: 19930 Stevens Creek Blvd Cupertino, California 95014 [clickety click for a link to Google Maps, my gift to you since the Arya website doesn’t have an easy way to get directions]


Written by joann

March 24, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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