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Check me out. My social calendar was booked this weekend. Lots of plans and lots of meals to be had. The fun started with dinner at PVH (if you’re curious I tried the chicken curry that JenLui had a few weeks ago – very ginger-y and lemongrass-y) and Gamba Karaoke (faves include: Independent Woman, No One, and the always annoying Umbrella).

On Saturday I met up with my long lost roommate from my 2nd year, Becca. Becs hails from Alamo up in the East Bay aka really far from me. We were very good roommates but are very bad at getting together. Case in point, it’s been 2 years or so since the last time we got together.

Becca is a lawyer. A forreal-as-seen-on-TV-I-go-to-court-and-stuff kinda lawyer. It’s pretty awesome.

We decided to look for a lunch place on Santana Row and ended up at Sino which is this fancy, lounge-like Asian fusion place. We partook of the dim sum menu and ordered one entree to share.

First up were the chicken curry dumplings (pictured above). No clue why the picture looks like I took it at JC Penney studio. The pastry on this is very good. Buttery and crumbly, and perfectly baked. The filling is your ho-hum chicken curry. The pastry is what makes it a winner.

I also opted for baked bbq pork bun. Again the pastry was good but the filling was only so-so. I thought the bbq would have been good had whatever alcohol they add to the sauce been cooked down more. In this state, it was too overwhelming.

I got tricked by this one. On the menu it’s listed as ‘lobster seafood soup dumpling’. I saw soup + dumpling and thought they were going to bring me some xiao long bao. UM. Not so much. The broth on this was simple but well seasoned. The dumpling itself is good with big chunks of lobster inside. What’s not cool is that the dumpling looks like a giant stomach which is less appetizing than a cutesy little xlb.

We shared a plate of beef chow fun which I found just alright. The beef was very tough. The veggies were good though.

Glutinous rice with some sugary dusting (semi-flowery tasting?) and then liquid black sesame. They could have used a thickening agent to help make the inside not explode everywhere as soon as you bite into it.

Sino would probably be a nice place to start off an evening. The entire front part of the place has long benches and sectioned off lounge areas. Everything is red and black – part ode to Asia, part better for clubbing ambiance.

The entire meal set us back about $40 (we also had one other plate of dim sum that I didn’t get to taste as well as some hot jasmine tea).

I wouldn’t avoid it but I probably wouldn’t ask to go back. 3***

Sino: 377 Santana Row #1000, San Jose, California 95128


Written by joann

April 8, 2008 at 6:03 pm

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