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Alameda is Spanish for ‘grove of poplar trees’. Sushi House is BayArea-nese for ‘big sushi with a long line’.

My first adventure to Sushi House was courtesy of J-nice (Janice’s new rap name) post-Berkeley PCN a few years ago. I haven’t been back since but got the chance for Round 2 when I met up with roommate #2 this weekend.

Sophia aka Soapy and I were roommates at UP Diliman back during our study abroad days. Items of note here include the fact that me and Soaps enjoy eating, like adventures in the Philippines, and are the same size. This means it was easy to haggle at shops in the Philippines because we really wanted 2 of everything.

Okay yah the sushi. We started dinner with miso soup (unremarkable + bad photo = not posted) and shared three generous rolls.


The menu describes this as ‘spicy, crunch, crab and cucumber.’ I’m not sure what kind of ingredient ‘crunch’ is but this was way good. I’m guessing what they really meant was spicy sauce, tempura shrimp, crab, and cucumber.

As an easy filler we also got some spicy tuna. Spicier than my usual sushi place. Not for the weak-tounged.

Last but not least was the Alameda Roll or should I say the Grove of Poplar Trees Roll.

Real crab meat (no orange dyed fakey fake stuff), unagi (my fave), tobiko, cucumber, and house sauce wrapped in nori and more cucumber. you can’t tell from the picture but these were pretty huge.

I’m not gonna drive the 45 minutes out of my way to grab a bite to eat here but it’s very much a resident of the places-I-eat-when-I-visit-the-East-Bay-once-a-year list. 4****

This place gets crazy busy so you best get there pre-6pm or post-8pm. The other alternative? Skip bringing the crew – me and Soaps waited less than 10 minutes for our table for two. No, you can’t make reservations.

Sushi House: 2375 Shoreline Drive Alameda, California 94501


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April 8, 2008 at 9:17 pm

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