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Julia and I had work this weekend so we made sure to not burn the midnight oil on Friday. Instead, we (Julia, Jlin, and I) headed out at 5:30pm to catch some sun and grab an early dinner.

We strategically placed ourself on Castro (the one in MV not SF) for easy access to frozen yogurt after dinner. It didn’t take too much thinking before ending up at Amarin Thai. I’ve been to Amarin before but have yet to post about it.

We picked a table outside to take advantage of the completely awesome weather – we’re talking 77 degrees, no clouds, and no wind. Perfect for sidewalk eatin’.

In my lame attempt to be slightly different I ordered the Thai Muslim Chicken Curry. It had strips of chicken (could have been better trimmed, chunks of fat are kinda weird), potatoes (undercooked), carrots (fine), pineapple chunks (tastes better than it sounds), and yummy curry sauce.

Beef Pad See Ew (pad see meee!) with plenty of bean sprouts. This had broccoli (good), beef (tasty and fairly tender), fat strips of rice noodles (slightly overcooked), bits of egg (yum), soy sauce based sauce (yum again). I thought the dish was good but rather oily.

Jlin ordered something pretty – hoa moke in two colors. This had tofu, peppers, basil in two different curries (one red, one green). I tasted the green and liked it a lot. It’s much heavier in the coconut milk department than most curries but not in a bad way.

The entire thing set us back less than $40. We ran into who I think is the owner and he was super nice. Not my favorite place ever but not bad – 3***.

Not a bad way to start a weekend.

Amarin Thai: 174 Castro Street, Mountain View, California 94041


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April 12, 2008 at 11:18 pm

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