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I’m a big fan of Top Chef (reality TV + food = yay). This season a few of the chefs are from San Francisco which means that with just a little bit of effort you can go out and taste for yourself. Jane’s good at getting me out and about and suggested we try Circa for their Top Chef dinner.

Chef Eric Hopfinger was eliminated from Top Chef a few weeks ago after a bad round of lobster corn dogs sent him home. His restaurant , er the the restaurant he’s exec chef for (no clue if he owns the joint), is very… Marina – microsuede covered seats, wooden tables, jewel curtains.

The Top Chef dinner was nowhere to be seen but it was a-ok because the menu had plenty of yummies to choose from. We ended up ordering 2 appetizers, a soup, and an entree to share.

The chicken sliders had avocado and bacon and were served with a side of french fries. The bread was not so impressive. It looked like the buns they serve you at the school cafeteria. I usually like the burnt-y parts of stuff that’s been grilled but the edges of the chicken were super bitter. The bacon was also pretty tough. The fries were good though. Would not order again.

Creamy tomato soup with little wedges of grilled cheese. I like the soup a lot. They even give you little bowls if you decide to share it. I was not a fan of one of the cheeses in the sandwiches which kind of ruined it for me. Too bad because butter, bread, and cheese is generally a sure fire combo.

The infamous lobster corn dogs. Unlike the Top Chef episode, we got ours hot and fresh so they were pretty good. There’s nothing special about the way they taste though. It’s a lobster claw dipped in corn dog batter and then served with a buttery mustard sauce. I didn’t notice any spice or anything which would have been nice.

The main entree was Chilean sea bass with mushrooms and parsley mashed potatoes. This was one big ass hunk of fish. I liked the mushrooms a lot and the potatoes were good but I think the fish was so thick that the texture in the middle was a bit weird. Jane also found the dish to be oily overall.

Jane had one glass of wine and I had a diet coke. The entire bill set us back $80. We caught several glimpses of the Chef since he served the couple next to us personally a few times.

Told ya there was jewel curtains. 3***

Circa: 2001 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, California 94123


Written by joann

April 27, 2008 at 4:38 pm

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