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If you can help it, I’d recommend finding another way to Chiang Mai. I had never heard of Bangkok Airways until I found myself at their ticket desk at the Bangkok Airport. Since we had come in on a different airline (Cathay Pacific) we booked it to the transit desk to ask them to transfer our bags for us.

Now for people who don’t use transit desks ever this might seem strange. Honestly, you can usually head to the transit desk and they can pull your bags off of the baggage carousel and then it will magically appear at your final destination. Easy as pie.

Not so for Bangkok Airways. They told us they could *try* but that we would not know if they had been able to do it until after we landed in Chiang Mai (and were either with our bags or without them). Um, no. She suggested we go through immigration, get our bags ourselves, and then check in again. Wow. Ok. Did I mention we had about 1.5 hours inbetween flights?

After a mad sprint to the transit desk, another speedwalk to immigration, a dance around the baggage carousel, another rush to the check in desk, and then more running to the gate we made it to the lounge (everyone gets to use the lounge for this flight) with 15 minutes to spare before boarding.

We got on board and were met with a distinct odor like that of crap. Lots of sniffing of antiseptic towelettes ensued. Afterwards, we were served this culinary glory:

Pickled vegetables (I really don’t think you should serve pickled things on small planes where the aroma of pickles gets stuck in the cabin), curry flavored chicken (no thanks), and mystery meat with mushrooms. The mystery meat tasted like vienna sausages, I’ll let you decide whether that is good or bad. The roll was hard as a rock.

No more Bangkok Airways for me.


Written by joann

May 23, 2008 at 12:33 am

Posted in airplane food, travels

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