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We had our first dinner in Chiang Mai at the hotel. We were pretty tired from our sprint through Bangkok Airport and had arrived in Chiang Mai just as night fell making the area around our hotel less appealing to venture out into (yah, we’re scared of the dark). We had a lovely dinner served by the nicest, sweetest hotel staff in the history of hotel staffs.

So that you can best enjoy your meal they’ll set out a fan, a citronella-type candle near your feet, and will lend you some natural mosquito repellant spray. The menu has both Thai and Western dishes. We jumped on all the Thai food and started with some spicy tofu and eggplant for the vegetarian.

Not bad but nothing to rave about either. We also ordered some staples like veggie pad see ew.

Instead of just broccoli there was also cauliflower, carrots, and red pepper. Very yummy with that nice kind of charcoal-y flavor that I love in pad see ew. We also ordered yellow chicken curry.

Very watery but also chock full of all kinds of veggies. Good flavor, tender chicken, served sans potatoes. This next one was called Crying Tiger – bbq beef with a spicy lemongrass and pepper sauce.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the chocolate fried ice cream but I thought it was just eh. I could tell that it was fried in the same oil that they probably also fry savory foods in. I also thought the ice cream was a bit icy. I was alone on this one though, the other 3 polished it off with no complaints.

More Thailand adventures to come!


Written by joann

May 25, 2008 at 10:22 pm

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