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Yah, that’s right we ate at the hotel two nights in a row in Chiang Mai. What can I say? We were too lazy and chicken to venture too far from the hotel. We were also beat from all the monkeying around in the jungle and decided that turning in early would be ideal. If it makes you feel better we sorta kinda walked through the Night Market.

Can we take a moment and just give props to the awesomeness of my picture taking skills right now. These were taken on Jlin’s camera as I was too lazy to go upstairs to grab mine. Veggie egg rolls freshly fried served with a sweet and spicy sauce. They look like little nubbins.

Chicken satay with loads of super peanutty sauce. I liked these even though the peanut sauce was a little intense. Even the dryer edge close to the handle of the skewer was tasty.

Veggie choice of the meal was fried pumpkin. I didn’t like this one so much but then again I’m not much of a squash person.

We couldn’t leave without having pad thai at least once. This was veggie and tofu. As expected, solid and appropriately peanutty, sweet, and sour all at the same time.

The papaya salad came last and it was the hottest papaya salad ever. Jen didn’t seem to think so but my lips were on fire. I started chomping down on the decorative cucumber slices to find relief. It was good overall though and served with a side of bbq chicken and sticky rice. if you’re not eating family style this is a good solo dish to order.

No clue how much we spent here as we billed everything to the room. I can’t say enough how nice this hotel was. Keep your eyes peeled for a non-food related post on Rimping Village very soon.


Written by joann

May 26, 2008 at 12:29 pm

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