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That’s what the noodle bar at the Marriott Cafe is called in Phuket. The party starts at 12:30pm and for THB550 you can stuff yourself silly. Now for the parade of pictures.

The types of noodles change daily but you can expect glass noodles, rice noodles, egg noodles, fat rice noodles, etc. The green ones are flavored with pandan (a very fragrant leaf used in a lot of SEAsian cooking).

On one side of the buffet are raw veggies like cabbage, lettuce cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, etc. The other side has a variety of meats – sliced pork, sliced chicken, fish balls, squid, fish, meat balls, etc. There are also seasoning sections that have everything from white pepper to crushed lemongrass.

To get ’em stir fried head up to the kitchen and pick a sauce. I tried phad kee mao the first day and then soya sauce (pad see ew sauce) the next day. They also throw egg in there for you.

This was my first go round. It has loads of veggies, egg noodles, squid, and chicken. Notice the eggroll in the back – they also have ready made dishes like curry and fried fish.

Day 2 with the fatter noodles, mushrooms, pork, chicken, cilantro, bean sprouts, and other goodies. I also snagged a few fried shrimp to top it off.

You also have the option of turning your noodles into a soup instead. Just mosey up to the broth guy and pick one. This photo is courtesy of Julia. Rice noodles with tom yum broth.

My mouth is watering looking at these pictures. Cantaloupe, dragon fruit (looks gnarly, tastes like kiwi), pineapple, and watermelon for dessert.

More desserts. This one is wrapped up all dainty like. Talk about attention to detail. Inside is a coconut milk and pandan jelly/cake thingy. Tastes kinda like pandan maja blanca (if you know what that is).

Everyone’s favorite mango and sticky rice with little pinipig on top. The mango was so, so, so delicious. At some point we abandoned all other dessert dishes in favor of gorging ourselves on mango. Sweet, not fibrous, ripe, juicy, delicious.

Our first day here we were so full we couldn’t move for a good 2 hours while our bodies struggled to digest the 8lbs of mango we each tried to stuff down. We couldn’t help it – they were so good! We also got too happy piling on all the goodies on top of the noodles. Oodles of noodles indeed!


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May 27, 2008 at 8:31 pm

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