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If you say this out loud in Mandarin it sounds like my full name.

I found this out Friday night at the 2nd Mahjong night. I was wondering why I heard the fobicized version of my name a few times (juw-ahn!). The first mahjong night was a few weeks ago. It involved a lot of tiles and a lot of snacks and a lot of shouting in Mandarin. I also had to learn Taiwanese style mahjong which is a tad different from Filipino mahjong.

The overflow of Chinese-ness made me long for my Filipino roots. The next day I Yelped ‘filipino food’ until I found Tipanan in Newark.

Tipanan is located in a strip mall near other Asian-owned businesses. It’s pretty nice inside. It’s not cafeteria (turo-turo/point point) style, you order at the counter and they bring the food out to you. I ordered bangsilog, beef mechado, and bibingka to go.

YUM. Filipino breakfast aka the Fried Trinity. Bangsilog is BANGus (fried, boneless milkfish), SInangag (fried garlic rice) and itLOG (egg, in this case fried egg). They also give you a little atchara (a type of relish with carrots and other randomness) to eat with the fish. Overall this really hit the spot. I would have preferred the egg to be cooked just a wee bit more but the bangus was delicious.

I looooove bibingka. The taste of it reminds me of Christmas in the Philippines. The best bibingka I ever had was in late November 2001 when I was living in the Philippines and staying with my aunt and uncle. It was buttery and milky and soft and like heaven wrapped in banana leaves. To this day nothing tops that bibingka.

Tipanan’s version is pretty good. They are served warm with freshly grated coconut. No banana leaves though. These are wrapped in wax paper. It was spongy and milky but not as fragrant as my OG bibingka.

I bought the beef mechado for dinner the next day which gave it plenty of time to marinate.

Their version has huge ol’ roast beef like chunks of meat with potato wedges (skin still on, probably fried a bit beforehand) and red and green bell pepper. I thought the beef would be tough but it was surprisingly tender. The sauce was tomato-y and salty and great over rice.

Everything set me back about $17 total. Not too bad if you’re hungry for Filipino-ness like I was. 4****

BTW, tipanan in Tagalog means ‘meeting place’.

BTW #2, they have a website: www.tipanan.net.

Tipanan: 6275 Jarvis Avenue, Newark, California 94560


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June 15, 2008 at 9:04 pm

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