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Oh PVH, how I’ll miss thee.

Pho Vi Hoa is my version of Cheers. I’m not a beer kinda girl so I don’t have a local bar or watering hole to frequent. I’m more fobby than anything else so my local watering hole is actually my local pho place. I don’t think they know my name but they definitely know my face and the face of all my nearest and dearest Bay Area homies.

I’m slightly appalled by the fact that I’ve never featured PVH before, but I suppose it’s fitting that I wrap up my Bay Area fun times (for now anyway, I’ll def call it home again sometime in the future) with a post about PVH.

When I first started going to PVH I was all about the pho – served hot and steaming, ever so fragrant, meaty but not oily, and with a side of fresh bean sprouts, lime, and other add ins. Note that PVH pho doesn’t come with cilantro unless you ask for it. (Of course, I ask for it.)

This picture is Cindy’s pho all mixed up and ready to inhale.

We like to start off with veggie fried egg rolls (if you’re with Jlin) or fresh spring rolls (if you’re with Cindy). I don’t discriminate so I’ll have either. Peanut sauce is salty and delicious and the fish sauce is aplenty. The rolls themselves are pretty much perfect in every way.

After my pho phase came the combo plate phase (get the fried pork or the marinated chicken). It comes with a salad (lettuce, cucumber, and tomato), a little bowl of soup, and a big helping of rice. Super filling. Sorry, for the lack of picture.

My newest love is the chicken with veggies rice plate. The chicken is perfectly tender and moist, the veggies are generous and not overcooked, and the sauce is light but flavorful. I credit my introduction to this to the other Joann. Thanks Joann!

Since this is a post full of shout outs, here’s two more. One to Wu for telling us about PVH in the first place and one to Jlin for consistently doing this every single time:

Hell yes that is a yin yang.

PVH is super affordable at less than $10 a meal. Service is always efficient and mostly friendly. Other good eats include the chicken fried rice and the vermicelli bowls. Kevin (one more shout out!) swears by the clay pots.

Tell your friends but don’t take my table. 🙂 5**** DUH.

Pho Vi Hoa: 4546 El Camino Real # A12, Los Altos, CA 94022


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July 18, 2008 at 10:18 pm

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